Hi, I'm Katherine Raz. I run an independent retail business with two locations in Tacoma, Washington called The Fernseed. I opened the first location (2703 North Proctor St.) in April of 2019, and the second location (5243 South Tacoma Way) in September of 2020, in the midst of…
As more and more small businesses close, I invite you to reflect on the decisions that got you this far.
A return to writing even if there's no return to profitability.
Including a panel of independent retail business owners I hosted last month with Aeolidia.
And how do we manage our time (and mental health) when planning for anything means managing the unexpected?
Shopify is hard at work adding updates that at the end of the day don't add much for small brick and mortar retailers
Digging into the data revealed gaps that are tying up cash and resulting in lost opportunity
I paid off a massive, semi-predatory loan this week. Celebrating. Sort of.
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