Hi, I'm Katherine Raz. I run an independent retail business with two locations in Tacoma, Washington called The Fernseed. I opened the first location (2703 North Proctor St.) in April of 2019, and the second location (5243 South Tacoma Way) in September of 2020, in the midst of…
Stop spending time and money on things that aren't selling, even if you love them
Is your brain still working two years into the pandemic?
I wish someone had told me this stuff in the beginning
The strategy framework that makes me way less anxious about how I spend my time in the business—and the roundabout way I learned it.
Reduce your expectations and shop small anyway.
How to plan furnishings for a retail shop before (and after) you open, including examples of how I failed at it repeatedly
But when you're held to a higher standard than the heating and cooling company, and you can't resign, you still have to. Here are 8 pro tips for how!
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